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With the advent of eSports, a slew of new opportunities have opened up that were previously unavailable.

The use of data analytics and statistics has become increasingly crucial as the eSports business has evolved into the behemoth it is today. We look at the relevance of data analytics in eSports, as well as the employment it produces in the industry, in the post below:

What role does analytics and statistics play in eSports?

Professional eSports preparation is around competitor and performance analysis. This naturally entails players observing and analyzing their opponents' games, strengths, and weaknesses before competitions, and then attempting to use this knowledge at critical moments during a game.


We at Edge Seekers recognize that the demand for data science efforts in the eSports industry is only going to increase in the near future. Massive data sets allow for the development of powerful analytical tools for players, teams, and marketers, as well as AI-powered prediction algorithms that are shaping the future of professional eSports.

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