A lousy day for Tech

Monday was a bad day in the markets among geopolitical turmoil in Europe, and Central banks rates increased expectation. 
The graph shows the market capitalization of public companies (size) and price changes (color) during Monday, Jan 24th, 2022. 

Tech stocks are typically among the high- risk bets that investors try to offload at times like this. Professional gamblers and gamers fond of tech investments ask, what is safe in this environment? 

Typically, consumer non-cyclical (Beverages, Consumer Package Goods and Food, Education, and so on) are considered defensive stocks. 

Public companies

As of Jan 25th, 554 public companies in the US and Can are classified as defensive stocks. 

Private companies 

There are currently 13 companies that operate in the consumer non-durables (food, beverages, etc.), catering for the gaming market. $3.72M has been invested, making this category a new investable class. Investors include Zynga, among others. 

Typically, products in this category include energy drinks, CBD creams, gluten-free consumables, food supplements, fresh dairy farm delivery services, and other products that gamers consume to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. 
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