Most popular Crypto Tax Apps for NTF users

With tax season approaching across many countries, crypto enthusiasts and traders find themselves looking for alternatives to Quickbooks and Turbotax.

From the group that we studied, the most popular tax app by number of unique users is Koinly. Koinly is very popular in the US, Australia, Canada, Uk and Germany, and is available in around 20 countries.

Top Crypto Tax Apps by Market Share

Notable mention: is also a popular cryptocurrency tax tracker, but we did not include it in our study this tim.

NFTs and taxes

Stacking coins from chains used to issue NFTs -like Solana- experimented tremendous growth in 2021.

We found that holders of Solana use tools such as to easily export transactional data from the blockchain, and then import the file into crypto tax software like Koinly and Cointracker.

Whales and crypto taxes

Taxbit is mostly popular among traders, businesses and holders of large amounts of crypto. They specialize on advanced strategies used by high network individuals, such as tax harvesting.
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