Why Solana is pumping?

Will Solana keep going up or will Solana go down?
To understand this price behavior we need to look into hard metrics, and how different variables in the Solana economy drive its price. One of the most reliable indicators is mainstream news about Solana’s underlaying blockchain technology and programming code. As we can see in the chart, organic conversation (social chatter) about Solana’s code is largely flat, while news can show wild swings. Furthermore, we can identify specific occurrences when a spike in news unleashed a rally: early April 2021 and early September 2021.
The spike in September is remarkable.
But, why Solana’s price is going up?

Ok, we know from the data that the price movement is correlated with news, which are (very likely) orchestrated.
But in September only a handful of the mainstream media sites that covered Solana actually sent visitors to solana.com, among those:
  • smh.com.au
  • concordeblog.hu
  • bbc.com
  • bloomberg.com
  • finance.yahoo.com
  • bloomberg.com
  • theguardian.com

So, why Solana is surging?

Another piece of the puzzle comes from paid advertisement in Google. The graph below shows the sites that are paying for ads each month, the dot size indicates the volume of ads run. Note how at the beginning, only Solana itself paid for advertisement, with a few more sites being added later. But the real increase in activity came in September, when many sites paid for ads.

Interestingly, Coinbase captured most of that ad volume.
So, when Solana will go up?
A proven way to know is by tracking activity at some specific exchanges BEFORE the price

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